Missouri State University Film Series: ADDicted

Missouri State University Film Series: ADDicted
Date and time
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, April 21, 2017

The MSU Film Series will present a free screening of a new feature film shot in Missouri, ADDicted.

Classes. Football. LSATs. Finals. A bad breakup. Like most college
kids, Drew Dawson’s life is overwhelming. Helping him keep balanced is his Adderall, a prescription he’s been on since age 10 for ADD. When Drew gets suspended from football for plagiarism, his life spirals even more out of control. Desperate to get reinstated, as well as appease his overbearing mother, Drew's dependency on Adderall increases as he does whatever it takes to return to normalcy.

As life keeps throwing him curves, in steps his former professor, the guy Drew blames for screwing it all up. The professor wants to help, but is it too late? What will it take for Drew to wake up and find
happiness in himself instead of the pill bottle?

After the screening, writer-director Dan Jenski and actress and MSU alumna Lauren Sweetser will discuss their experiences making this award-winning film.

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