Feedback for Improvement: A Campus Conflict Deep Dive Workshop

Feedback for Improvement: A Campus Conflict Deep Dive Workshop
Date and time
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM, October 05, 2021

Presented by Dr. Charlene Berquist and Ms. Heather Blades

Giving effective feedback is an art, and this session will help you learn how to regularly provide constructive feedback.
Constructive feedback can be a gift, but often the feedback we give is ineffective. This is particularly true when it comes to giving feedback on areas where improvement is needed, whether this feedback comes in the form of yearly reviews, ADPs, grading, etc. Others may dismiss our feedback, become angry and defensive, or feel frustrated and unsure of how to improve their performance. As a result relationships are damaged and valuable opportunities for growth are lost.
In this interactive session we will do the following:
  • Investigate the characteristics of effective and ineffective feedback.
  • Learn how our traditional approaches to giving feedback are often ineffective and even destructive.
  • Explore how people respond to feedback and why ineffective feedback is often rejected and fails to promote behavior change.
  • Practice giving effective feedback for improvement.
  • Examine our current approaches to giving feedback and make concrete plans for how we can provide others with effective feedback for improvement.
This Deep Dive Workshop is free for Missouri State faculty and staff, but seats are limited and pre-registration is required. A Missouri State University email address is required for registration.
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Open to faculty, staff
Via Zoom