GGP Seminar: Dr. David Johnson - "Combat GIS"

GGP Seminar: Dr. David Johnson - "Combat GIS"
Date and time
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, February 01, 2019

Dr. David E. Johnson - MSU political science department and Master of Public Administration program director will present a seminar on how Geographic Informational Systems (GIS) has become an integral part of the field of public safety and emergency management in particular.

The use of this spatial information is relevant in all of the four phases of emergency management. It helps in planning and mitigation prior to an event, the development of a common operating picture during response and integrates with community planning in the recovery phase. This seminar will discuss how this technology integrates in the preparation, response and recovery from emergency incidents and the use of "combat GIS" to address information needs during the response phase to better inform decision makers to save lives, property and the environment.

Johnson came to Missouri State after a 30-year career in public safety. He served as a fire captain/fire marshal, EMS chief, hazardous materials team leader, deputy commander of a federal disaster medical team and county-level emergency management specialist. He currently serves as a reservist for the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management and Region D Incident Support Team, where one of his primary roles is as the GIS specialist. His current research focuses on the application of dynamic social vulnerability to emergency planning.

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