Defund Planned Parenthood Rally

Defund Planned Parenthood Rally
Date and time
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM, April 01, 2017

Join us and the rest of the #prolifegen as we peacefully advocate for life and real women's healthcare on April 1. We are advocating for redirecting the $550 million in taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood to the 13,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers in the U.S. that provide many more services than PP does, except abortion. Our last rally was a huge success and we'd love your help to make this one even better! Bring your friends, listen to our guest speaker and let you voice for life be heard. All are welcome.

Open to public, alumni, current students, faculty, future students, staff
Planned Parenthood, 626 E. Battlefield Rd. Springfield, MO 65807