George Hodgman Lecture and Reading

George Hodgman Lecture and Reading
Date and time
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, April 18, 2017

George Hodgman, author of New York Times bestselling memoir Bettyville, will join us to read from his book and discuss his work. 

Bettyville is described as, "A witty tender memoir of a son's journey home to care for his irascible mother--a tale of secrets, silences and enduring love." 

From the New York Times review of Bettyville

"A remarkable, laugh-out-loud book... Rarely has the subject of elder care produced such droll human comedy, or a heroine quite on the mettlesome order of Betty Baker Hodgman. For as much as the book works on several levels (as a meditation on belonging, as a story of growing up gay and the psychic cost of silence, as metaphor for recovery), it is the strong-willed Betty who shines through." 

About George Hodgman (from 

George Hodgman is a veteran magazine and book editor who has worked at Simon & Schuster, Vanity Fair and Talk magazine. His writing has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Interview, W and Harper's Bazaar, among other publications. He lives in New York City and Paris, Missouri. 

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