The Virtual Battlefield - Leadership Staff Ride

The Virtual Battlefield - Leadership Staff Ride
Date and time
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, March 23, 2017

A staff ride is a powerful experiential learning method for an organization to train its executives and middle managers in leadership and strategy in the business word. Participants will "visit" a virtual battlefield where a war was fought. They will examine and discuss the reasons decisions were made by the commanders in that war. The conclusions and leadership lessons are then applied to present and future business leadership practices. 

This Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride offers universal leadership themese and is valuable to leaders operating at all levels of an organization. The prinicples and concepts examined can be applied to a variety of strategic, operational, tactical, organizational, and leadership situations. Participating in this event provides a forum to share and discuss ways to introduce your organizations and leaders to the core building blocks necessary to develop an effective corporate team with ethically and morally responsible business executives who are dedicated to the corporation and its most important assests, its people. 

Staff rides will: 

  • Provide you a real world "model" onto which to project and evaluate theoretical insights and previous experiences.
  • Discuss the impact of "the fog of war" on operations, selecting the right leaders for critcial assignments, the crucial role of effective communication, the factors leading to reasonable risk-taking, the military decision making process, and many more
  • Help you build and effectively sustain a cohesive team, and improve your organization
  • Expose you to the timeless human dimension of leadership
  • Be taught by facilitators with extensive backgrounds in military history and leadership development, who connect staff ride content and insights to contemporary business challenges and processes with your business impact in mind.
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Open to public, alumni, faculty, staff