SEES Seminar: "New Sea Ice Regime in the Arctic"

SEES Seminar: "New Sea Ice Regime in the Arctic"
Date and time
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, February 09, 2024

Dr. Mallik Mahmud, assistant geography professor at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, will discuss the recent shift in the Arctic sea ice regime and share firsthand experiences from a recent Arctic expedition in the central Arctic. The warming of the Arctic has occurred at a rate five times faster than the global average. Consequently, there has been a significant decrease in Arctic sea ice thickness, concentration, and volume, aligning with a prolonged melting period. This transformation is demonstrated by the substantially reduction of thicker multi-year ice (MYI), replaced by thinner, first-year ice (FYI). This shift has brought about a comprehensive transformation in the Arctic climate system, affecting regional and hemispheric scales and leading to a complete overhaul in the established Arctic sea ice dynamics paradigm.

Prior to his tenure at McGill, he held the position of scientist at the German Aerospace Center in Bremen, Germany. Mahmud earned his doctoral degree in geography from the University of Calgary in 2021. He specializes in radar remote sensing technologies for sea ice research and operations. He is a field-going scientist who has spent over 180 days in the Arctic for scientific expeditions in Canada, Norway and the Central Arctic.

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