PAMS Seminar: "UWBG Carbon for Electronic Applications" by Dr. Ariful Haque

PAMS Seminar: "UWBG Carbon for Electronic Applications" by Dr. Ariful Haque
Date and time
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, September 29, 2023

Dr. Ariful Haque
Texas State University


Metastable forms of carbon with ultrawide bandgap electronic properties, such as diamond and Q-carbon (short form of ‘quenched phase of carbon’), demonstrate remarkable structural, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties for different electronic and energy-related applications. In the second segment of this seminar talk, I will provide an overview of the fabrication aspects of different useful nano and microstructures of diamond and Q-carbon by nanosecond pulse laser annealing and chemical vapor deposition techniques. These novel structures of carbon demonstrate excellent electron field emission for electronic applications which will be illustrated in this presentation.

Second title: Fully funded Ph.D. opportunities in MSEC at Texas State University

Abstract: The materials science, engineering & commercialization (MSEC) Ph.D. program at Texas State University is a multidisciplinary program with a priority on advanced materials science/engineering research, education, and commercialization. The MSEC offers students (from diverse backgrounds, i.e. Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other engineering disciplines) a unique multidisciplinary experience where they conduct research with state-of-the-art cleanroom/ fabrication and characterization equipment, and simulation tools. Very recently, the MSEC has decided to significantly increase the number of doctoral instructional assistant and doctoral research assistant lines with an attractive package, which includes stipend, tuition support, supply/travel support, etc., for the Spring and Fall of 2024. I will provide an overview of the MSEC program, the research opportunities/facilities, the research interest of the faculty members, the application requirements, the details of the funding opportunities, and what’s next after obtaining the degree. I will also share tips on preparing a good application package to enhance the chance of securing an assistantship/funding.

Dr. Ariful Haque is an alumni of PAMS.

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