Computer Science Seminar - Dr. Sanjay Madria

Computer Science Seminar - Dr. Sanjay Madria
Date and time
11:15 AM - 12:05 PM, March 24, 2023

Title: Machine Learning for Emotion Prediction, Ideology Detection and Polarization Analysis using COVID-19 Tweets.

Dr. Madria is a Curators' Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Abstract: The adversarial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has created a health crisis all over the world. This unprecedented crisis forced people to lockdown and changed almost every aspect of people's regular activities. Thus the pandemic is also impacting everyone physically, mentally, and economically, and it, therefore, is paramount to analyze and understand emotional responses during the crisis affecting mental health. Dr. Madria will discuss a manually labeled tweets dataset on COVID-19 emotional responses along with regular tweets data. Further, he will discuss a deep learning model leveraging the pre-trained BERT-base to detect the political ideology from the tweets for political polarization analysis.

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Open to current students, faculty, staff