PAMS Seminar: "Multiple Attractor in tumor immune dynamics" by Dr. Ruma Dutta

PAMS Seminar: "Multiple Attractor in tumor immune dynamics" by Dr. Ruma Dutta
Date and time
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, December 01, 2022

Dr. Ruma Dutta
Missouri State University

Recent progress in cancer immunology and advances in immunotherapy suggest that our immune system plays a fundamental role in combating tumor. So, it is necessary to understand complex dynamics of the tumor-immune system. The multi-dimensional nature of tumor-immune interactions requires cross-disciplinary approaches to capture more realistic dynamics of essential biology. The growth of a cancerous cell in vivo cancer cells are host cells that begin to proliferate in an uncontrolled and non-specific way that leads to development of tumor. Mathematical models of tumor-immune dynamics have added to our understanding of how host immune cell and cancer cell evolve and interact. Mathematical models of tumor-immune interactions provide an analytical framework in which to address specific questions regarding tumor-immune dynamics. Recent experimental studies have brought to light new information about how the immune system of the mouse responds to the presence of tumor. Tumor cells are modified to express higher levels of immune stimulating NKG2D ligands. Additionally, ligand transduced tumor cells stimulate protective immunity to tumor challenge. Based on their experimental studies, groups have developed mathematical model for tumor-immune dynamics interactions which focus on the role of Natural killer (NK) and CD8+T cells in tumor surveillance. The model was based on many clinical and oncology data.

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