GGP Seminar: Dr. Matthew Connolly - "Geography, Geospatial Technologies and Environmental Science in Undergraduate Research"

GGP Seminar: Dr. Matthew Connolly - "Geography, Geospatial Technologies and Environmental Science in Undergraduate Research"
Date and time
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM, September 29, 2022

Interested in geography or geospatial technologies, but not sure what professional opportunities they provide? Tired of people asking why you took a geography course and how it could help you get a job? Curious about undergraduate research opportunities and the benefits? Come to this talk for answers to these and other important questions!

This seminar will provide a quick overview of how I became a geographer. I will talk about several examples of how undergraduate researchers use geography and geospatial technologies to address important environmental questions, where geography and geospatial technologies can take you, and how undergraduate research can help your career. I will show project examples presenting ranges from urbanization influences on wetland water quality and the role of streambank erosion in watershed management, to the detection of agricultural irrigation using drone and satellite imagery. I will provide an overview of the context, design and findings of each research project and their benefit to you, the student. These examples of direct and indirect benefits are from experiences at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA).

Dr. Matthew H. Connolly is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at UCA, where he teaches courses in physical geography and environmental science. He also coordinates the planning administration concentration of the interdisciplinary environmental science program. He earned his bachelor's degree in management information systems and business administration at the University of Colorado-Denver. His master's and doctoral degrees were obtained through Texas State University. His current work focuses on geospatial technology applications in water resources, water quality, fluvial geomorphology and Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) influences on aquatic ecology. His collaborative research efforts have been funded by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the NASA EPSCoR Program, the U.S. EPA and a Central Arkansas water utility. Plus, Connolly is passionate about student success and professional development.  

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