The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Then and Now

The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Then and Now
Date and time
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, September 27, 2022

According to Clifton Taulbert, long before he heard the words ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET ... he encountered the word GUMPTION. According to Taulbert, he sees both words (Gumption & Entrepreneurial Thinking) as a clarion call to individual and corporate action–to imaging beyond what we know and see. This is the human journey. All that we see around us was first a question that ignited our imagination and from there … off to the innovation laboratories where the Pyramid of Africa would emerge, and Steve Jobs' “iPhones” would define our daily lives.

Taulbert, a TIME MAGAZINE recognized entrepreneur will take us on a “MINDSET” journey from his Mississippi Icehouse to the fitness centers around the world where the STAIRMASTER EXERCISE SYSTEM maintains fitness prominence. According to Taulbert, “Once upon a time, Stairmaster was simply an inquisitive conversation—one that ignited the imagination of one man.”

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