The Power of Media: 21st Century Influence

The Power of Media: 21st Century Influence
Date and time
1:25 PM - 2:15 PM, September 21, 2022

From our classrooms to our living rooms, from restaurants to our own pockets, American consumers are endlessly bombarded by mediated messages.  In recent years, we have seen the power of modern media streams to both uplift and destroy, to mobilize people toward both principled purpose and chaos. Citizens are widely divided on the trust, ethics, and biases of big media, particularly as new technologies advance and economic structures change. How do consumers assess what information is true or not true, and what is valuable? What will it take to maintain and/or regain public trust in the media? What roles will public and private media, and the government, play in sociological, ecological, and informational platforms, and how does it intersect with the First Amendment? Can stricter filters be balanced with censorship? What responsibilities, if any, do news, arts, entertainment, and educational institutions play in ensuring ethical communications and leadership to society?

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Open to public, alumni, current students, faculty, future students, staff
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