GGP Seminar: Seth Harrell - "When You Can See Down the River, but You Can't See Around the Bend"

GGP Seminar: Seth Harrell - "When You Can See Down the River, but You Can't See Around the Bend"
Date and time
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, April 08, 2022

Seth Harrell is an MSU alumnus, B.S. Geography - 2002, and a native of Springfield. His presentation is subtitled, "How Geography is related to and enhanced by Foresight." Foresight is a highly interdisciplinary field of study that is inherently connected with the sustainability movement and shares a common history. He will describe how being introduced to the Tragedy of the Commons, as a Missouri State University geography student, led him to a career helping organizations think about the future. He will explain what Foresight is, how it overlaps with geography, the importance of systems thinking to sustainability, and the many benefits of foresight methods such as enhancing urban strategic planning.

Following graduation, Harrell was a member of the arts community in Austin, Texas, for several years. Austin is where he first became aware of the unique field of study known as Foresight and being taught at the University of Houston. Since earning a Master of Science in Foresight, he has worked on a range of topics, such as the futures of live sports, Alzheimer's disease, pipeline construction, pet care and more. His recent work has been consulting global consumer goods conglomerates on the future of food and packaging technologies which has contributed to new grocery products. Harrell was recently given the honor of being the sole North American to be named as one of six Emerging Fellows, by the Association of Professional Futurists, whose writings will be featured in 2022. In addition to foresight work, he continues to be a part of the local music community, including a brief stint traveling the world while performing as John Lennon for the Branson-based Liverpool Legends.

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