Linguistics Colloquium Talk by Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo

Linguistics Colloquium Talk by Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo
Date and time
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, October 27, 2021

Understanding the Heritage Speaker and Why it Matters for the Future of Language Teaching

Presented by Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo, assistant professor of hispanic linguistics and director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program,  University of Florida

In the context of the United States, recent (and not so recent) demographic changes have brought about a substantial shift in the overall composition of the social, cultural and linguistic landscape. And although English continues to be the dominant language, and in many cases the only societal language, there are approximately 400 different so-called heritage languages also spoken in the home environment. 

Highlighting current understandings gained through theoretical and empirical findings, Cabo will discuss what makes heritage languages and their speakers a unique and important bi/multilingual phenomenon to study, to serve and to promote. Because of its prominence in the context of the U.S., the discussion will focus on Spanish heritage speaker bilingualism, but insights from other heritage languages will also be provided.

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