Baltimore: A Play

Baltimore: A Play
Date and time
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, March 04, 2022
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by Kirsten Greenidge

Directed by Jon Herbert


Craig Hall Balcony Theatre

There is no late seating in the Balcony Theatre.

$14 Adults; $12 Students and Seniors; $8.50 in advance with MSU ID 


Freshman Resident Adviser Shelby Wilson is an African-American woman who naively believes in a color-blind society — until a racially-charged incident in the dorm threatens to spin out of control. 

Shelby is initially unprepared and unwilling to respond, but offensive images and comments are circulating online, spreading through the campus community and beyond, stirring emotions that may escalate to violence. As she attempts to defuse the situation, she finds a wide range of reactions and perspectives among her culturally diverse students, the new dean and others who are weighing in. Out of the confusion, one thing is clear: denying a problem will not make it go away.

Based on true events and personal stories shared with the playwright by real students, Baltimore tackles the complexities of racism and reconciliation with compassion and hope.  


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$14 Adults $12 Students and Seniors $8.50 in advance with MSU ID
Open to public, alumni, current students, faculty, future students, staff