CANCELED: Argonautika - Digitally Streamed

CANCELED: Argonautika - Digitally Streamed
Date and time
2:30 PM - TBA, November 22, 2020
Other dates and times
7:30 PM - TBA, November 19, 2020 iCal
7:30 PM - TBA, November 20, 2020 iCal
7:30 PM - TBA, November 21, 2020 iCal

Jason’s ascension to the throne of Thessaly has been foretold by the gods, but first he must prove himself by embarking on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece — the magical wool of a winged ram — from the faraway kingdom of Colchis. He gathers a crew of adventurers, including the legendary Hercules, and sets sail aboard the Argo. Along the way, the heroes are beset by an array of natural and supernatural forces that test their strength, stamina, intellect and courage. Many of his crew are lost, but Jason is aided in his mission by the Colchian princess Medea, who falls in love with him.

Based on one of ancient Greece’s most enduring myths, Argonautika brings this fantastic journey to life!

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