Community Engagement Fair

Community Engagement Fair
Date and time
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, September 20, 2018

Join several community agencies in the PSU and discuss ways to serve and learn. The goal of the Community Engagement Fair is to foster relationships between the Missouri State community and local organizations.

  • Faculty & Staff - Are you looking to engage your students in meaningful service and learning opportunities or internships? Promote this event to your students and attend yourself.
  • Student Organizations - Take advantage of this opportunity early in the semester to make some great community contacts for volunteer and internship opportunities. These community agencies love working with student groups on initiatives that serve our community.
  • Citizen Bear Students - Are you looking to enrich your college experience through community service or internship? Are you passionate about a particular social issue? Come by the Community Involvement Fair and learn about organizations making a difference in our city, state, nation and the world.

Event sponsor
Open to public, alumni, current students, faculty, future students, staff